Big changes are coming to how I'm sharing my photos on the internet.

If this past year has taught me anything, it’s that social media platforms are not my friends and their post view algorithms have hurt me financially.

A long time ago, my grandfather cautioned me against building my business on another man’s property and in my youthful arrogance I dismissed his “antiquated” notions. But the wisdom of that statement has been playing out online right in front of me. So, it’s time for some changes.

Anyway, you can’t see it, but right behind this screen, I’ve been frantically trying to get this new site online, so I can finally cut my dependence on social media. But it’s been tough going because I just don’t learn as fast as I used to.

That said, I’m pretty sure the site will be online, in some fashion, by this weekend barring any unforeseen obstacles.

We’ll just have to see.

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