South Nags Head Beach Bungalow
Bungalow in South Nags Head torn down later that afternoon to make way for a new home.

When we first moved to our beach box in South Nags Head, I was drawn to the bungalows just down the beach that still felt like Old Nags Head. They were nestled into the dunes surrounded by sandfence and winter remanats of last years seaouts. We found our home.

That morning, Sandie and I were walking the beach checking them out and noticed one of them looking abandoned but through my lens I saw it had been stripped of its windows and by noon the demolition was almost complete. I was glad I was able to get a shot of it before it was gone. I’m afraid this single story bungalow will be replaced by a multi-story mcmansion to maximize rental revenue. That’s just life on a beach seen as a commodity.

I was reminded of the day I was sitting at the access at Baltic Street watching the old Beacon Motor Lodge being torn down. It’s not that it wasn’t in need of upgrading but the old motor lodge hearkened back to simpler times, to me anyway. It didn’t compete with its surroundings. It was replaced with 7 monster homes that blocked the sunrise view from the beach road. At the time I started feeling like I should start to collect photos before all these old landmarks were replaced.

I decided to get started later that day, so we drove north to the Dowitcher Street parking area in Nags Head to check out the older bungalows north of Small Street. I didn’t get that far and made plans to get more shots of these historic homes in Nags Head heading south from the Conch Street Access later in the spring.

Anyway, I am glad you are here and hope you enjoy these photos.

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